domenica 22 luglio 2012

Sharing sunday #1 (red is the colour of love)

Hi everybody! After a really bad nigthmare where my history theacher, at the examination, asks me the difference between two authors that I never heard before (of course, my mind played on me a bad joke inventing two person), I have decided to start this morning with a lovely song of one of my favourite band (I write this post listening this song once again and again!)and sharing with you some cute things picked up from Etsy. 

I really like this picture of Little Red Riding Hood, maybe because Halloween is near or because that was the story that I told to my sister when she was a child! In addition makes me want to do a picnic in the woods!:D


This picture is made by an italian artist and i really like her way to paint! Make me so happy go lucky! Mafalda (the name of the artist) also creates fantastic wooden pins!

Daria made this cute hearrings! I like the colour and the shape! In her shop there are a lot of cute things!

Last but not list, this picture of red poppy that remind the summer in the country. If you want to jump into his shop, know that Joanne is in the mood for Sale!:D

And now I wish you a good Sunday!

3 commenti:

  1. thanks so much for featuring my drawing and for your nice words :)

  2. Thank you for including my LIL RED Riding Hood Costume

  3. ma che belle foto................


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