domenica 29 luglio 2012

Sharing sunday #2 (a day in the country)

Hi everybody! I've finally finished my examination session and now I only have to prepare my suitcase: destination home! I study in Trento but my actual home is in Foggia, a city in the south of Italy. I'm not coming home since Easter and I really miss my mom and my sister! But tomorrow, finally, I turn back home! But, before saying goodbye, I want to share with you what I hope becomes an habit: a weekly list of my favourites item from Etsy!:D

I really like this cute dress! It reminds me the country and the sun... The flowers on the fabric are beautiful! It seems a meadow of flowers!:D 
You can find here a lot of other dresses made by Athena, and here you can find the photografer of this picture!  

And what about this paint? Geraldine is a very talented artist! I love all of her creation! This in particular is perfect for the kitchen!:D 

This is a very good idea! In this way you can play hopscotch even in your home or in a park with a lot of grass!:D

Bobby present her creation in this way: 
"A smart, wonderful way to sip your water, tea, iced coffee or mint julep!". 
I think that this is a very good idea! Moreover I like to use the jar in different ways and not only to keep the jam!:D

Hope you have a wonderful sunday!:D 

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  1. Such a lovely blog post. Thank you so much for including my dress with these lovelies! Everything look so beautiful together. Thanks again! :)


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